Emry is an Oakland based Illustrator and Designer and graduate of California College of the Arts.

He is also an avid drawer. Wait no, not that type of drawer. He's not a side cabinet or wardrobe, at least as far as he's aware (though being a wardrobe that leads to Narnia might be fun.) He is an avid draw-er though, and when he's not working on illustrations or designs, he's working on drawings in his sketchbook. Or brewing beer. And also drinking said beer (but in moderation, of course.) You can also catch him hiking, weight-lifting, and when he has time, playing video games.


Most of his current work is created using Procreate on the iPad Pro. Sometimes he uses graphite or Oil Paints. And sometimes Photoshop. Unless it's in his sketchbook, in which case all bets are off- it could be done using anything, who knows.



Emry Layton Design & Illustration

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